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Founded in 2013, Tucson Chicks n Chaps has partnered with La Fiesta de los Vaqueros Tucson Rodeo to raise funds for local women and families battling breast cancer while celebrating the sport of rodeo and western culture. After 10 years, Tucson Chicks n Chaps is proud to have raised $104,000 to support local women and families!

Turning Rodeo Pink is a foundation for Tucson Chicks n Chaps and the Tucson Rodeo Committee to stand in solidarity with the 1 in 8 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Join our quest to advance the support for women and families facing their darkest days with a cancer diagnosis while enjoying the unique western lifestyle and culture celebrated at La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros Tucson Rodeo for the past 99 years! 

Bulls, Broncs, Barrels and Bling 10th Anniversary 

Bringing all the bling and glam to the special 10th Anniversary event. While celebrating 10 years of service to the community, Tucson Chicks n Chaps had a record breaking fundraising year, donating $25,000 to Arizona Cancer Foundation (formerly Arizona Oncology Foundation)! All proceeds provide direct patient care such as integrative therapies, post-mastectomy's bras, nutritional counseling, and gas cards.

Thank you to our sponsors, partners, and guests that make "Turning Rodeo Pink" possible!


9th Annual Behind the Chutes Event

While working through a pandemic, Tucson Chicks n Chaps was excited to bring guests back to the rodeo grounds to raise needed funds for patients battling breast cancer. Even though smiles were covered by masks, guests learned about the sport of rodeo from expert speakers while raising funds! $19,000 was raised to benefit Arizona Cancer Foundation!


How your funds impact women & families

Donating to Tucson Chicks n Chaps supports all the needs of patients battling breast cancer. Battling cancer comes with many challenges, Tucson Chicks n Chaps works to ensure patients receive wrap around services from our partner Arizona Cancer Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to promoting health, healing, and survivorship to cancer patients, family members and caregivers. The foundation offers Integrative Therapies such as massage, manual lymph drainage, Reike and acupuncture, Support Groups for all kinds of cancers, Lodging and Transportation support, Post-surgical House Cleaning Services, an Extensive Resource Library, Wigs, Head Coverings, Breast Prosthetics and other post-mastectomy items.

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